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The easiest way to increase brand awareness and lead generation.

PodcastFarm specializes in simplifying the process of producing a podcast for busy companies, entrepreneurs, and thought leaders. We work as partners guiding and assisting during the planning, then producing, recording and distributing the podcasts for them, maximixing their time and investments.

Because podcasts today are… everywhere!

In 2006, only 22 percent of the adult population in the US was aware of this expression. Twelve years later, surveys show that 78% of US adults knows about podcasts and about 100 Million listen to one full podcast per month.

Producing a podcast means sharing the values your company believes in and the services it is offering, by using a fresh, simple language.

Especially because the share of consumers who listen to podcasts to learn new things in the U.S. 2019 exceeds 74%

Why your Brand
needs a Podcast

In a recent study conducted by the BBC, organizations with branded podcasts have also seen:
→ 89% higher awareness
→ 57% higher branded consideration
→ 24% higher brand favorability
→ 14% higher purchase intent

→ 16% higher engagement
→ 12% higher memory encoding than
    ANY other forms of content

your personalized Branded app

We can create a branded and personalized Apple or Android app containing all your podcasts, automatically added to your feed.
The best way to create brand loyalty for your clients and your partner

What we can do for you

Is Your Company Ready To Start With Podcasting?

PodcastFarm is your podcast production partner.


Creating and managing an internal company team dedicated to the creation of podcasts, that can guarantee successful results, is never easy and often time-consuming, it quickly becomes expensive, and takes away focus from your core business. With a team of experts available to clients with our White Label services, companies know exactly what to expect and what results will be achieved before even starting to work together.

PodcastFarm transforms the partner’s objectives into its own, creating a collaboration built on the needs of brands and companies, freeing the customer from all the back-end work and allowing to focus on the communication strategy, thanks to a team with specialized experience.

You talk, we take care of the rest.

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