Production and Recording

If you know what to say but you don’t know how to say it and record it in a podcast, PodcastFarm is what you are looking for.

Our team comes to your office with a mobile state of the art recording equipment. We set it up and record your podcast professionally. You just have to talk.

Simple and time-effective.

Editorial Development

A good concept, like a good intention, is not always enough. 

Led by a team of professional journalists and podcast experts, working alongside your marketing team, we are ready to help you prepare and execute an effective editorial plan that will fit into your strategy. 

The needs to communicate your brand will become our needs.


Production is important, post-production is essential. 

Our team of sound engineers and vocal audio experts will post-produce your podcast to a professional level, guaranteeing the best quality. 

The goal of this service is to stress out the most important moments of your episode, giving the right value to the most important content.

PodcastFarm distribution channels


We can distribute podcasts to all the major channels (and several independent), and make sure all the meta-tags and graphics are up to the best standards for ingestion


If you need to learn how to moderate your podcast, we can help you. Professional journalists will guide you on a focused lesson to understand all the secrets.


If you need an expert host to moderate your podcast, we have that. Professionals with experience in driving the conversation to the point and on message. With the right voice.


A podcast is an episodic series of spoken words, digital audio, and files that a user can download to a personal device for easy listening. Streaming applications and podcasting services provide a convenient, integrated way to manage a personal consumption queue across many podcast sources and playback devices.

Not exactly. Radio is the ancestor of podcasts. Although they have a lot of elements in common, they are different. You can think of podcasts like the digital version of a radio channel. If with the radio you change the frequency to find new music or new channels, with podcats you just scroll up and down through the platforms looking for the episode you want to listen to. Anytime you want, antwhere you want.

The name is born from the idea of creating an environment podcasts-friendly where your company or organizations can enjoy the podcast’s experience. A farm is where your vegetables and fruits are cultivated. Think about PodcastFarm as the place where we help you to grow your products.

YES! We can create a personalized and branded app for our clients, so they can freely distribute it to their audience. This meand giving out clients the best way to drive (and monitor) user engagement.
The app can be distributed publicly (perfect for consumer brands) or privately (for example for business trainings, sales pitches and more).
Your app, YOUR BRAND on it.

And if you need we also have a stand-alone Mac or Windows version, for the “less mobile” people.

Maybe you are not going to find too many podcasts PodcastFarm branded online. Why? Because we are the provider behind companies, organizations, institutions, and opinion leaders that want to use their voices to deliver messages, information, and ideas. We produce their podcasts. Although, we are going to have a portfolio soon with some of our samples. 

It means Podcast as a Service. It reflects our beliefs. A podcast can be a tool employed as a service to deliver. We give companies a tool. They just put their ideas through and lay them out in a new and creative way.